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Men's Sexual Health

As a gay man, and a outspoken supporter of "sex positive" movements, understanding my own sexual health has been a journey. Performing a prostate and testicular self-exam weren't things I learned to do until very recently. Yes, admittedly because I'm now partnered to a doctor...

Still, after speaking with some of the men in my life it shocked me to realize that, regardless of our varying levels of sexual activity, very few of us knew how to perform the neccessary self-exams, or were even aware of what warning signs we should be looking out for.

So, to combat this sexual ignorance I've written three articles to address some of the most common (and important) sexual health issues for men!

-Understanding that magic little button in your butt!

-Time to take the family jewels out of the safe!

-Answering questions you know you've always wanted answers to!

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