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“Diverse groups are more creative. They feel uncomfortable, and that discomfort motivates them to do extra preparation and share new information.”

– Adam Grant (Organizational Psychologist and Writer, ‘Work Life Podcast’)



New York Times

The Inclusion Solution 

All In Blog

  • "Understanding Allyship"

Little Black Book (All In Musings / AIM)


  • "The Mask of Masc Gay Culture"

  • "Discrimination in the Digital Gay Community"

  • "FAQs of Toxic Masculinity" 

  • "How to Keep Gay Bars Gay (Without Turning Into Misogynists)"

  • "When Pride Month Means 30 Days of Body Insecurity"

  • "The Venomous Bite of Toxic Masculinity"

Panel Host / Guest Lecturer

Guest Lecturer

  • “LGBTQ+ Identities and Religion” Loyola University Chicago, 2017

  • “Inclusive Professional Writing” Fireside Chats, University of Michigan, 2019

  • “Gay Men, Queerness, and Hypermasculinity in the Army” American University, 2020


Panel Host

  • “Veterans Panel” Loyola University Chicago, 2017

  • “LGBTQ+ Veterans Panel” University of Michigan, 2018, 2019 

  • “Veteran’s Day Diversity Panel” Rock Family of Companies, 2020

  • “Open House Series” [Black At Work, Managing Bringing Your Full-Self to Work, Becoming a Changemaker] Havas New York 2021, 2022, 2023

  • "Inclusive Leadership" The Mission Continues, 2023



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